Glimpse of God's Grace and Love

We have all seen The Last Supper or a variation of it painted by Da Vinci.  Before Judas left to betray Jesus, we read Jesus washed his feet (John 13:1-30).  Jesus did something else for Judas at the meal.  The arrangement was not like the painting by Da Vinci, but instead, they reclined around a u-shaped table.  As you entered the room, John was the first on the left.  In oriental culture, this seat was given to the man most trusted by the host (John 13:24).  Jesus was next, the seat of the host.  On the right side of the host was "the seat of honor."  On the far right, also closest to the entrance was the second most trusted man--Peter.  He was the last to get his feet washed because of where he sat.  Who had "the seat of honor?"  Judas.  He was close to Jesus, so they shared the same dish (v.26).  Even offering a piece of bread to the honored guest was "a gesture of special friendship." (Ryrie)  They also could speak without being clearly heard by the others. 
Knowing who was going to betray Him, Jesus washed Judas' feet and gave him the seat of honor above all the other disciples, even giving him a piece of bread.  If our Lord could show such grace and love to a known enemy, a betrayer, and a thief, then what should be our response to those who fail us?