September 16, 2018 

         10:30 a.m. Morning Service 

Opening of Worship                       “I’ve Got a Love”                    Worship Choir
Welcome and Prayer                                                    Walter Blackman, Pastor
Fellowship Chorus                         “The Bond of Love”                       Hymn 384
Missions Moment
Praising Our Savior in Song
                                                    “Amazing Love Medley”
Offertory                                      “They’ll Know We Are Christians” 
Offertory Prayer
Worship the Lord in Our Giving
Worship in Song                                                                        EHBC Ensemble
Morning Message                                                                                    Pastor
Invitation Hymn                            “I Surrender All”                            Hymn 275

                  September 16, 2018

         6:00 p.m. Depot Days Singing

Announcements - September 16, 2018

Tonight, we host the Depot Days Singing a 6:00.  If you would like to sing in the choir, please be in the loft by 4:30.  
Thank you to everyone who worked our church booth at the Depot Days downtown event!  This outreach ministry could not happen without the prayers of the church and the actions of our members!
Women’s Ministry Small Groups meet Tuesday evening!  See Debbie Bell for more information.
The Wednesday Night Supper for September 19th is hamburger steaks, green beans, baked potato, salad, bread, dessert, tea or lemonade.  Adult $5.50 Child’s plate $4.50.  Please make reservations today on the bulletin tear off and place it in the offering plate.
Happy Highlanders’ Food, Fun, and Fellowship is Friday evening, September 21st at 5:30 in the fellowship hall.  Bring a friend and a snack.  
Men’s Ministry Breakfast is Saturday, September 22ndat 7:30 a.m. in the fellowship hall.  All men are invited. 
Christmas Event Leadership meeting today at 4:00 in the fellowship hall.  
Don’t forget about our copy paper collection for our schools!  You will help minister to many children with your gift to this ministry effort.  Thanks so much!
Coming Events at EHBC!  Reach out to invite people to these events!
Depot Days Church Booth – September 15th
Depot Days Singing – September 16th
Homecoming at EHBC – October 14th
Fall Festival Candy Trail – October 31st